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COVID-19 & remote absence epilepsy monitoring


Dear professional

COVID-19 has currently a high impact on society but especially on you and our healthcare systems. Just like many others, we at epihunter have been thinking how to help reduce the impact of the pandemic.

About epihunter

epihunter CompanionEpihunter is a Belgian startup that developed a CE approved solution to better monitor epileptic absence seizures at home. It uses a wearable frontal EEG recording and smartphone software for automated seizure detection. The output is available on the smartphone in an automated seizure diary, automated seizure videos and manual notes from the user or their caregivers.

Upon simple request from the user we create reports in PDF format for users to share with their doctors. (example seizure overview and EEG trace)

Additionally, a seizure diary and even the full EEG (in edf format) can be provided too. Note that the collected EEG is only frontal (Fp1-F7 channels) and not clinical grade; consider it a triage, pre-diagnostic and absence epilepsy monitoring solution. With the smartphone on a holder, our software can automatically video record each detected seizure.

We are currently running a prospective study funded by the American Epilepsy Foundation. This study takes place in top hospitals in Europe and the US, and will prospectively compare epihunter output to clinical video EEG. More information can be found on www.epihunter.com/professionals

neuro report-1Our suggestion

As due to the COVID-19 outbreak appointments are being postponed or made remote, epihunter can possibly help by making objective EEG and seizure data available for people with (suspected) absence epilepsy. We could send a wearable EEG device to you to distribute to your patients one or two weeks before the visit, or, upon your request, directly to the home of the person with (suspected) absence epilepsy. Of course, our customer support team will assist the person with epilepsy and their family with correct use. 

Get in touch with us now via contact@epihunter.com to free up precious consultation time and lower travel risks for families with (suspected) absence epilepsy. Please also contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.

Thanks in advance

Tim Buckinx

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