“Epihunter makes my child feel safe, but also his classmates understand him much better now. They now know that Yannick is sometimes not aware. They no longer laugh at him or say that he is stupid because he does not know something. As a result, the self-confidence of our son is a lot better.”

Carine mum of Yannick


What can epihunter do for you? _DSC6692

Epihunter detects, logs and signals silent, difficult to notice epileptic absence seizures. We simply turn on a light or make a sound when the brain switches off.

A slim headset sends brain activity information to a smartphone. The epihunter  smartphone app interprets the data and turns on the smartphone light when an absence seizure occurs. Our epihunter Companion app provide a clear overview of seizure activity and history.

Based on some more background information such as the epilepsy type or syndrome, we can give you a better picture of what to expect from epihunter.



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