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Epihunter Pro makes the automatically built seizure diary available through a webportal for the physician. The epihunter home-care solution is based on a wearable EEG headband and a smartphone with a detection algorithm. When a seizure is detected, the people around are notified immediately. Next to this, an entry is automatically logged in the seizure diary. Also, a video can be automatically recorded with the smartphone, including the 30 seconds prior to the detection. Thus, epihunter ensures a high adherence and accurate, reliable seizure diary. Thanks to the epihunter Pro service, you as a physician will access your patients' epihunter data through a secure and intuitive web portal. 

Epihunter is a CE class I medical device software.


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Learn how epihunter can support a faster and more efficient follow-up
of your patients with (suspected) absence seizures. 

Insights for the physician

  • Objective data supplements the patient-provided history during diagnosis and treatment changes
  • Potentially reduction of hospital visits and more efficient (tele)consultations thanks to data and better prepared patients
  • Allows for a fast and personalised follow-up of patients using easy-to-implement technology
  • Possibility to facilitate home-based hyperventilation tests

"We found the neurologist reports from epihunter to be very helpful during conversations with our consultant. The graphical overviews made it easier for us to compare the data month to month and track changes in seizure frequency. This was of particular interest as our son's medication dose had been increased and - through epihunter - we observed a decrease in absence seizures.”
Jon & Laura, parents of Rafe (5), UK


Our secure and easy-to-use epihunter Pro web portal provides access to reports from your patients. These are in downloadable PDF format en includes three sections
  • Info & calendar view: highly visible monthly overview of epihunter use to potentially identify seizure patterns
  • Diary: monthly records of seizure detections, including seizure duration, user reported annotations and hyperlinks to automatically recorded seizure videos
  • EEG-traces: upon request, also raw EEG data can be provided

Aantekening 2020-06-28 142214



Seizure video screenshot-1

Automated seizure video, including pre-ictal period

When a seizure is detected or logged by hand, epihunter automatically records a video. The video will start 30 seconds prior to the detected onset or logging, as well as up to 30 seconds after the seizure. This requires only the smartphone's camera and EEG headset, no other equipment is needed.

We believe that this simple yet powerful feature holds great triage and diagnosis opportunities by creating many more qualitative seizure videos.




"Video is a cornerstone in diagnosis and therapy optimisation. And pre-ictal [the moments prior to a seizure] video is of utmost interest for the treating physician.”
Dr Alexander Rotenberg,
Neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School




How it works

The wearable EEG headset uses dry gold-plated copper electrodes that are in direct contact with the skin on the forehead. The measurement electrodes are located at Fp1 and F7. The EEG signal is digitized and forwarded to the smartphone over Bluetooth. On the phone, the AI program continuously analyzes the incoming data.

The program is trained on the Fp1-F7 montage obtained from clinical EEG recordings. In our validation tests, both the sensitivity and positive predictive value were above 90%, yet please note that performance is different from case to case.


Aantekening 2020-06-28 1422142Epihunter validation results on clinical and wearable data. SEN: sensitivity, % of seizures detected / PPV: positive predictive value, probability that a detected seizure is a true positive / FPI: false positive interval, time (h) between two FP’s *Non-absence seizures such as focal onset impaired awareness seizures were also considered as false positive


The detections, videos, user annotations and raw EEG data are all securely stored in the cloud. Users and their caregivers can use the epihunter Companion app to access and share this information manually with their doctor or others. With an epihunter Pro license, the data and videos automatically become available to the physician with a single patient consent.


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Multi-center clinical validation study




To further validate the epihunter solution, we are currently running a prospective validation study. The study takes place in top hospitals in Europe and the US. In this study, we will simultaneously record clinical video EEG and wearable epihunter EEG. Seizures detected by epihunter will be compared with seizures annotated by the neurologist.

The study was funded by a New Therapy Grant of the Epilepsy Foundation (US). We expect the study results by end 2020.



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