Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we grouped together some of the most common questions asked.

If you do not find your answer within our FAQ, you can contact our Support team via the form below or our live chat (bottom right of the website pages).

General questions 

+ What does epihunter do?

Epihunter uses digital technologies to create new solutions that make epilepsy matter less in daily life. Our focus is on absence epilepsy as this causes silent, difficult to notice seizures that have a huge impact on day to day life.

+ How did epihunter originate?

“Dad, you work in digital, can you create a light that turns on when my brain switches off?” This question, from a son to his, father led to this new start-up. Find out more in our blog.

+ Is this the only epihunter product?

Currently we are focusing on this product only. Epihunter ultimately wants to offer solutions for day-to-day challenges for people of all ages with all forms of epilepsy. From conversations with people with epilepsy and experts, we are already aware of a few needs for which we have future potential solutions in mind. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions!

+ In which regions is epihunter available?

Currently, epihunter is only available in Europe, and via our reseller in Australia & New Zealand. We offer FREE shipping with online tracking.

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+ Can epihunter also be used in other locations (e.g. at home)?

Yes, epihunter can be used wherever you have access to a WiFi network. Do note that the device does not need continuous WiFI access but that it eventually would need it to sync results. Hence, the most important is the access to an Android phone (can be SIM-free) with a continuous Bluetooth connection between the EEG headset and the phone.

+ Can an adult with absence seizures also use epihunter?

Yes, epihunter can be used by adults at home, work or wherever is valuable. Epihunter would work for anyone from the age of 4. 

+ Living in Australia or New Zealand?

Epihunter is since July 2020 also available in Australia and New Zealand through our partner Seizure Alert Australia. Are you based in one of the two countries, you can order epihunter here


About the epihunter subscription

+ What are the payment methods you support?

Epihunter offers the option to pay by most debit or credit cards.

VISA (pre-paid) debit & credit card
MasterCard (pre-paid) debit & credit card
American Express (pre-paid) debit & credit card

Any questions in regards to payment? Contact us!

+ Why is epihunter offered as a subscription?

Epihunter main components are the software we continuously update. The subscription includes access to two smartphone applications and our cloud platform:

  • epihunter Core smartphone app (for Android) runs our complex algorithm to detect, signal and video record seizures in real time
  • epihunter Companion smartphone app (for Android & iOS) provides an overview of seizures, notes and videos,
  • secure cloud platform that interacts with the smartphone apps and saves all historical data in a secure way.

The EEG headset (retail value approx. £149) is offered as a loan for use so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with an expensive device. So just to be clear: The EEG headset only collects the raw EEG data and does not do anything useful without our smartphone apps and algorithm.

The smartphone apps and cloud platform are continuously being improved and new features are added frequently. All updates are included in the subscription

+ Is there a minimum term for the subscription?

Yes, epihunter can be stopped at any time after the first 3 months of subscription.


A monthly subscription can be cancelled every month, after the initial 3 months, while the yearly contract renews yearly.

+ How do I manage my subscription?

Log in to the subscription page to:

  • See when you subscribed
  • Consult your billing cycle
  • Update or change your payment method/card
  • Cancel your subscription

+ How do I stop my subscription?

Follow the next easy steps to stop your subscription:

  1. Log in to the subscription page to stop your subscription so access to the system is stopped and no further payments are processed. 
  2. Please be so kind as to ship back the headset and smartphone holder to us. With this, we can help another user.
    • Return address:
      Kempische Steenweg 303, box 200
      3500 Hasselt
    • Please include the EEG headset (in the original black box) and all accessories (charger, travel case, smartphone stand...).
    • Additional details if needed for the parcel/shipping company: / +32 473 48 98 89

+ Can I stop the subscription at no cost?

There are no fees to be paid to epihunter upon cancellation.

The only cost for you is the return shipping cost of the headset and smartphone stand. Feel free to use the shipping company of your preference, tariffs may differ. 

+ Can I stop the subscription without loosing access to my data?

Yes, we offer a free complete export of all data upon subscription cancellation. For only €19 per year, we keep your data stored on our secure environment for later reactivation or consultation. The data will be stored with the latest technologies and potentially provide additional insights in the future.


About the epihunter Core app

+ What smartphone do I need?

For the epihunter Core app we advise the following specifications:


  Minimum Recommended
Android version Android 8.0 (Oreo) Android 9.0 (Pie) or later
RAM memory 2 GB >2 GB
Internal storage 8 GB 32 GB
Bluetooth version 4.0 4.2


The following devices have been tested and are supported for epihunter Core:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10 (2018)
(List is currently being updated)


Not sure if your device is compatible? Contact us

+ How can I download the epihunter Core app?

The epihunter Core app for seizure detection and signalling is Android only and can be downloaded in the Google Play store, or by clicking this link. You can use your epihunter credentials to log in to the app. Not an epihunter customer yet? You can order a subscription here.

+ Where do I find an installation and user guide?

Here you can find the epihunter installation and user guide Download (pdf)

+ How to set up the epihunter Core app for the first time

What you need:

  • Android smartphone to be used with the headset
  • BrainLink EEG headset unpacked and white module inserted into the holder
  • WiFi connection
  • epihunter user account email address and password

Steps to take:

Screenshot_20191213-105130_One UI Home Screenshot_20191213-105715_Google Play Store1. Search for "epihunter core" in the Play Store app and install the app. 
Screenshot_20191213-110001_Epihunter2. Open the app for the first time and press the "Login button"
Screenshot_20191213-110034_Chrome3. Fill out the email address and password you chose during checkout, press "Continue".
Screenshot_20191213-110306_Epihunter4. Press the "Configure" button to set up the connection with the EEG headset. 
Screenshot_20191213-110343_Epihunter5. Press the "Request permission" button and press "Allow" on the following popup screen(s).


Turn on your headset by pressing the button on the headset for a few seconds and then release (two beeps will confirm it is on and a red and blue light will repeatedly blink)
Screenshot_20191213-111120_Epihunter7. After a few seconds the headset is shown, click on it. If this is not shown, swipe down to search again for the headset. Ensure it is turned on.
Screenshot_20191213-111346_Epihunter8. Press the connect button to connect to the headset and you're done!

The black home screen of epihunter Core will be shown. Screenshot_20191213-140427



+ Can I charge the smartphone while using epihunter?

Yes. For easy charging, the smartphone can be placed in landscape in the supplied smartphone holder to allow charging cable access.

+ What type of seizures can epihunter detect?

Epihunter focuses only on the detection of absence seizures and focal impaired awareness seizures (as from 3 seconds). Epihunter will not detect motor (or convulsive) seizures.

More technically, epihunter will work if your (clinical) EEG shows specific spike or discharge patterns in the Fp1-F7 derivation. This is something that you could ask your neurologist.

Find more information on our blogpost: EEG technology clarified.

+ What do the different module notifications mean?


Blue light

Module is turned on and is connected to the smartphone

2 beeps

When the module turns on or when the sensors are well connected with the forehead

Red & blue light

Module is turned on but has no connection with the smartphone

1 beep

Module is turned off

4 beeps

Module battery is empty

Red light Device is charging

+ How do I enable the video functionality?

Check out our How to-movie for enabling epihunter Video or follow the steps below:

1) To enable/disable the video functionality: Go to Settings and change the "Video" toggle.




2) You might have to grant epihunter Core access to e.g. record & store videos on your phone. 

3) When you see a green dot in the top left corner on the black home screen you have correctly set up video!




4) Press the green dot for a preview. This is a good way to check that the person with epilepsy is in the picture and hence that the camera will capture the seizures. Use the smartphone holder from your welcome package!

5) Seizure videos will now be automatically recorded. Would you like to manually record a seizure video? Simply press the "Log seizure start" button. Don't forget to press the red "Log seizure end" button to end the seizure recording. 

6) Use the separate epihunter Companion app to access and watch your recorded videos.

For privacy reasons we advise to only use the video functionality at home.

+ More about the video-recording functionality

We collected some key features of epihunter Video on this page

+ My headset does not connect. What do I do?

Follow the steps in this document to reconnect a headset in the epihunter Core smartphone app: How to reconnect your headset.




About the EEG headset

+ How to unbox the EEG headset?

We made a short step-by-step manual for how to unbox the BrainLink EEG headset. It also shows you how to find the charging cable and a handy travel bag.

+ How to charge the BrainLink EEG headset?

+ How to turn on the EEG headset?

+ What is the battery life for the BrainLink headset?

The battery life of the headset is estimated at 4 hours. We recommend charging the headset every night for optimal use.

+ How is it possible that epihunter only uses a small headband, yet in hospital many electrodes are being glued to my head?

This is a great question we received on facebook.
  • In short: With epihunter we are only looking to answer the question "Is there an absence seizure?" while in hospital there are many more questions the EEG is used for.
  • A bit longer and more technical: Hospital EEG provides detailed information on what happens in the different parts of the brain. Yet, absence seizures are generalized throughout all parts of the brain which means that to detect them it doesn't matter where on the skull you place the sensors. This means that we can do with only 2 sensors to the forehead (Fp1 and F7 to be precise) and by using machine learning data analysis we can filter out a lot of noise to detect the specific patterns of an absence seizure.


About the epihunter Companion app

+ How can I download the epihunter Companion app?

The epihunter Companion app for consulting your epihunter sessions and seizure records is available for both Android and iOS. Click this link to download from Google Play store (Android) and this link for download from App store (iOS). More information about epihunter Companion:

+ Minimum phone requirements for the epihunter Companion app

iOS 10.0. or later

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later

Not sure if your device is compatible? Check out our list of compatible devices (epihunter Companion)

+ How to access data and videos in the Companion app?

There are two options to access data and videos:

  1. Are you an epihunter Core user, parent or partner? Use the same login details as with the epihunter Core app for permanent and unrestricted access to the information. Use the following steps:

    1. Download and install the epihunter Companion app

    2. Login with the epihunter Core app login details (email address and password)

  2. Get revocable access to someone’s data, granted by an above user. Use the following steps:

    1. Download and install the epihunter Companion app

    2. Create a user account by pressing the link "Don't have an account yet?" and following the instructions

    3. Login with the newly created login details and go to “Settings”> “Get access to someone's data”. As a result a QR-code is shown.

    4. Ask a user with permanent and unrestricted permissions to open their epihunter Companion app, go to “Settings” > “Give access to my data” and then scan the QR code of the new user.

    5. Once the QR code has been scanned, the respective user names are shown in the "Visible accounts" and "Accounts that have access to my data" list on both epihunter Companion apps.

+ Can I use epihunter Companion app without an epihunter subscription or EEG headset?

Epihunter Companion is a free app in addition to the epihunter solution to detect epileptic absence and focal onset impaired awareness seizures. 

You can download epihunter Companion for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Yet, in order to access any data, epihunter Companion needs to be linked to a valid epihunter subscription.

Once linked you can fully enjoy the benefits of epihunter Companion and have access to the seizure information from the person using the epihunter solution and headset for absence seizures. 

Not using epihunter yet? You can take a subscription here.


Metal Allergy Notice

Please be advised that the Brainlink headset sensors are made of gold-plated copper. Do not use in case you have metal allergies.

How can we help?

Our team is at your service and can be contacted via the form underneath, emailFacebook Messenger and the live chat box on our website during office hours. 

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