+ How did Epihunter originate?

Dad, you work in digital, can you create a light that turns on when my brain switches off? This question from a son to his father led to this new start-up. Read more in our blog.

+ Is this the only Epihunter product?

In our first phase we are focusing on this product only. Epihunter ultimately wants to offer solutions for day-to-day challenges for people of all ages with all forms of epilepsy. From conversations with people with epilepsy and experts, we are already aware of a few needs for which we have future potential solutions in mind. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

+ Can Epihunter detect every type of seizure?

Epihunter focuses only on the detection of absence seizures and impaired awareness seizures (as from 3 seconds). Epihunter will not detect motor (or convulsive) seizures. More information on our blogpost: EEG technology clarified.

+ In which regions is Epihunter available?

Currently Epihunter is only available and shipped in Europe. Do you live outside of Europe? Subscribe now to our newsletter and we'll keep you informed on future availability in your region.

+ What smartphone do I need?

You will need an Android smartphone with access to Google Play to download and install the Epihunter app. We have good experiences with the basic devices from Samsung and Motorola. The following devices are not compatible: Xiaomi Redmi, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Huawei G720, Huawei G520. For use in the classroom we recommend using a smartphone dedicated to Epihunter to avoid distraction from other apps.

+ What is the battery life for the BrainLink headset?

The battery time of the headset is estimated at 4h. We recommend to charge the headset every night for optimal use.

+ Can I charge the smartphone while using Epihunter?

Yes, for easy charging, the smartphone can perfectly be placed in landscape position in the smartphone holder to allow charging cable access.

+ Can Epihunter also be used in other locations (e.g. at home)?

Yes, Epihunter can be used wherever you have access to a WiFi network.

+ Can an adult with absence seizures also use Epihunter?

Yes, Epihunter can also be used by adults at home, work or where you see valuable.

+ Can I stop my subscription without losing access to my data?

Yes, we offer a free complete export of all data upon subscription cancellation. For only €19 per year, we keep your data stored on our secure environment for later reactivation or consultation. The data will be stored with the latest technologies and potentially provide additional insights in the future.

+ Where can I find instructions for how to use the headset and install the app?

The welcome pack will contain all required instructions and links to online information. Of course, if you have any additional questions, you can always contact us via live chat on our website, email or Facebook Messenger.

+ How do I pay?

Epihunter offers the option to pay by (credit) card and SEPA Direct debit. Given if you choose a monthly or yearly plan, these amounts will automatically be deducted from your (credit) card or bank account (SEPA).

If such payments are not an option, please transfer the full amount via bank transfer. Use the following details:

IBAN BE21 7360 3604 8803 (Epihunter nv)

BIC: KREDBEBB (KBC, Havenlaan 2, B-1080 Brussels, Belgium)

Please enter your first and last name as non-structured communication.


User guide

Epihunter installation and user guide Download (pdf)


Unboxing the headset

We made a short step-by-step manual for how to unbox the Brainlink headset. It also shows you how to find the charging cable and a handy travel bag.

How-to videos

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Metal Allergy Notice

Please be advised that the Brainlink headset sensors are made of gold-plated copper. Do not use in case you have metal allergies.