Epihunter for research

Epihunter for research

Objective and reliable data on seizure occurrence and frequency

Reduction in seizure occurrence or frequency is a key outcome measure in efficacy studies for new anti-epileptic drugs or devices. However, it is also widely known that seizure counts reported by people with epilepsy are not reliable. More accurate seizure data holds the promise to reduce study duration and population size.

Epihunter: Scalable, objective and quantitative

Epihunter has developed a scalable solution for the objective and quantitative monitoring of seizures. Our solution starts from a consumer EEG wearable and smartphone. Both connect to each other and stream the EEG signal real-time to our secure cloud platform. On top of this, we have developed AI software to automatically detect seizures. The seizure outcomes are therefore very objective and reproducible. The epihunter software is labelled as a CE Class I medical device. 

Home EEG monitoring IS possible

With epihunter, absence seizures no longer go unnoticed. Ease of use and robust solutions allow for EEG data collection throughout the day. Relevant, reliable data with a great potential in epilepsy studies and projects.




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I foresee a bright future for Epihunter and their approach for building a portfolio of epilepsy solutions.

- EIT Health expert  

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