BrainLink Sensor unit

Want to create your own cool sports cap or fancy hat for use with EpihunterThe BrainLink Sensor unit can be fitted within and used with the (white oval) System unit from your BrainLink EEG headset.

Simply slide the System unit inside and you're ready to go! 


£49 / €49 

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*The Sensor unit does not include a System unit

Macrotellect BrainLink Lite v2.0 EEG Sensor unit

The BrainLink Sensor unit has 3 gold-plated copper sensors, to be worn on the forehead.

The Sensor unit can be put inside a sports cap or your desired headwear: DIY - instructions

The unit is also featured and included in Lenny Smart and the BrainLink headset.


Sports cap (worn backwards) with BrainLink Sensor unit.


I want to start using Epihunter. Do I need to buy the Sensor unit seperately?

The Epihunter subscriptions include one Macrotellect BrainLink Lite v2.0 EEG headset. The headset includes both the Sensor unit and the System unit. It is offered as a loan of use. This page is made for those wanting to buy and own a Sensor unit separately, e.g. for creating their own sports cap.

I am already using Epihunter. What's the benefit of an extra Sensor unit?

A Sensor unit is very handy if you want to e.g. make a sports cap or other hat.

The Sensor unit does not include a System unit. Your current System unit can be easily used with both Sensor units.

I've placed an order. What's next?
Once we've received your order and payment, we will ship the headset within 2-3 business days. Estimated shipping in the Benelux is 1-2 days, other European countries within 5-7 days.

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