epihunter Companion

epihunter Companion

The epihunter Companion smartphone app makes the information capture by the epihunter Core app insightful.

Epihunter Companion makes data, notes and videos available at your fingertips. Wherever you are, epihunter Companion gives you the overview to stay on top!

Download the app now, using the same account details as the epihunter Core app, and access all information in a nice and clear overview.

Available for iOS and Android!

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What's possible with Epihunter Companion?

- Use your own iOS or Android smartphone to access all data collected with the epihunter Core app.

- Access seizure history for a specific day or per month via the calendar overview.

- Immediately add notes and additional information.

- Show automated or manual videos to your neurologist during the consult.

- Label seizures and videos of interest for easy access later on.

- Define who can access your data (eg. second parent or family member).

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