Neeuro (Singapore) and epihunter (Belgium) partner to create new and innovative digital solutions for people with brain disorders

Neeuro and Epihunter Partnership spotlights on Epilepsy


Singapore and Belgium, November 22nd, 2021

On March 15th 2015, Tim Buckinx’ son said: “Papa, you work in digital, can’t you create a light that turns on when my brain switches off?” At ten years old, he was simply fed up with the daily impact of his refractory epilepsy. That pain became a vision, and that vision became the Belgian digital therapeutics company epihunter, aimed at enabling people with a brain disorder to participate more fully in society while generating real world data for faster diagnosis and optimized treatments.

The company’s beachhead product, available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, is for people with absence epilepsy, the most common pediatric epilepsy syndrome causing absence seizures, which mostly look like daydreaming. Yet for the person themselves an absence seizure is a full blackout with no recollection of what happened. People with this type of epilepsy can suffer up to 200 seizures per day, causing tremendous impact on daily life. Unnecessary impact.

The company built a digital platform that applies real-time AI to wearable electroencephalograms (EEG) to externalize brain state changes that provide real-time digital interventions to reduce the daily life impact of a brain disorder and to generate real-world data for better treatments.

The company’s continuous search for the latest innovation in EEG wearables, brought epihunter to Neeuro, a Singapore-based global company using digital therapeutics for brain fitness and agility.

“We want to normalize the daily lives of people with a brain disorder and also empower these communities,” according to Tim, “in Neeuro, we have found a partner and common platform that will help develop the next generation of our solutions.”

Thus, the partnership between Neeuro and Epihunter was born. A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed, aiming to create solutions for brain disorders, with an initial focus on multiple epilepsies. “Together, we will develop the next generation of rigorously clinically validated products and services that address multiple use cases in epilepsy and beyond,” adds Tim.

“Neeuro has always been keen on working with innovative partners, using their digital therapeutics solutions for mental issues and brain disorders, co-Founder and CEO of Neeuro Alvin Chan notes. “NeeuroOS being flexible in its capacities, provides relevant and accurate data to track seizures and other brain state changes. We share epihunter’s mission to improve the lives of those affected by brain disorders, through further collaboration in education, meaningful outreach, and other related programs.”

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