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Epihunter takes reporting pressure off your shoulders by automating the creation of seizure videos. This functionality is part of the epihunter subscription.

When a seizure occurs it starts a video recording completely automatically. A video recording can also be started with just a press of a button.

It will contain footage at least 30 seconds prior to the onset of the seizure, as well as up to 30 seconds after the seizure.

A few minutes later the video becomes available in the epihunter Companion app for easy sharing with your doctor.

No other equipment required than the smartphone's camera, smartphone stand and EEG headset, and of course an epihunter subscription.
For privacy reasons we advise to only use the video functionality at home. 

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Our Community Manager Hogne explains how it works

“Video is a cornerstone in diagnosis and therapy optimisation. And pre-ictal [the moments prior to a seizure] video is of utmost interest for the treating physician.”

Dr Alexander Rotenberg Neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.


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