Lenny Smart by epihunter

With Lenny Smart we combine epihunter seizure detection with the safe and comfortable soft protective helmet from Ribcap. Simply place the BrainLink System unit in the helmet and it's playtime!

Less fear and anxiety - more fun and outdoor activity!

Lenny Smart comes in two colours and three sizes (S/M/L), see fitting guide below.

£146 / €168

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The technology

Ribcap is a fashionable soft protective helmet, trusted by many neurological associations.

Ribcap makes protective headgear fashionable. Their modern designs fit with any lifestyle and provide 360 degree protection without being bulky or stigmatising, and since we’re being modest: it’s a great addition to any look.

Ribcap uses unique soft foam. High shock and impact protection, yet still breathable, flexible and discrete.

  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • 100% breathable
  • Washable
  • Foldable and storable


Fitting guide

Lenny Smart comes in three sizes (S, M, L). 

Size cm inches
Small 53-55 20,8-21,6
Medium 56-58 22,0-22,8
Large 59-61 23,2-24,0

How to measure

  1. Grab your measuring tool
  2. Circle your measuring instrument on your head
  3. Check the size of your head (in cm or inches)
  4. Match the size of your head with the three sizes in the table
  5. Place your order!


Is the BrainLink headset included?

Lenny Smart includes the BrainLink Sensor unit but not the (white oval) System unit. Simply remove the System unit from your BrainLink headset and insert it in the Lenny Smart.

BrainLink Sensor unit

BrainLink Sensor unit

 BrainLink System unit (not included)BrainLink System unit




I do not own a BrainLink headset. Can I still use Lenny Smart?
To fully enjoy the potential of Lenny Smart a BrainLink System unit is required. You can either take an epihunter subscription which includes a headset or purchase an additional headset here.
How do I wear it?
In order to measure the brainwaves correctly, the EEG sensor would need to touch the front of your head. For optimal signal quality, make sure there is no hair (or other fabric) between the sensors and the forehead.
I've placed an order. What's next?
Once we've received your order we will email you our bank transfer instructions. Upon payment, we will ship the Lenny Smart within 2-3 business days. Estimated shipping to the UK is 2-3 working days. Other European countries 3-5 days. 

Please contact us for further questions.