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What happens after 'Order Now'?
Our order process has just 2 easy steps:

1) First you fill in your name and postal address so we know where to ship to!

2) On the next page, you can select your payment method. We accept major credit and debit cards, and bank transfer. Please note that card payments result in the fastest dispatch. Do make sure to click the "Complete order" button to confirm your order.

Once completed, you'll shortly receive an order confirmation email. Add info@epihunter.com to your safe senders' list to avoid our email ending up in your spam folder.

Once we receive your payment, we dispatch your welcome pack including the BrainLink EEG headset, smart instructions, and a handy smartphone stand.
What other equipment do I need?

You will need a basic Android smartphone (Android 6.0 or later, min. 1GB RAM /8 GB internal storage, Bluetooth 4.0 or later). A sim card is not required, epihunter transmits its data via WiFi. For use in the classroom, we recommend using a smartphone dedicated to epihunter, to avoid distraction from other apps. Not sure if your device is compatible? Check our list of supported devices.


More info on our FAQ page

Signal, log and video-record absence seizures* in real time.

epihunter subscription

LAUNCH OFFER - Now with complimentary automated video-recording!

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EEG headset included.
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What users tell us

“Epihunter makes my child feel safe, but also his classmates understand him much better now. As a result, the self-confidence of our son is a lot better.”

— Carine, mum of Yannick - West-Flanders (Belgium)

“If my neurologist asks me now if I still have a lot of seizures, then, thanks to the epihunter solution, I can give him exact information.”

— Philippe, 52 years old, has absence epilepsy - Antwerp (Belgium)

Ella goes to a new school and the teachers often ask themselves, ‘is this a seizure?’ Thanks to the epihunter app they can be more relaxed.”

— Ilse, mum of Ella - Gelderland (the Netherlands)

Included in a subscription

epihunter app

epihunter Core smartphone app

Our unique and proprietary smartphone application uses brainwaves from the EEG headset to automatically detect, signal and log absence seizures* in real time. Seizure duration is shown too and additional notes can be logged. Available for Android only.

LAUNCH OFFER - Now with complimentary automated video-recording




Easy-to-use EEG headset

The BrainLink Lite v2 is a thin EEG headset with 3 gold-plated frontal copper dry sensors. The sensors are on a velcro strip and can be to be put into a sports cap or beanie. Remove the Sensor module from the headset for easy charging.

The headset is included in the subscription as a loan for use and shipped in the welcome pack. More technical details on our BrainLink Lite page.


epihunter Companion

epihunter Companion app

The CE-marked epihunter Companion app is for parents and families to install on their smartphones and provides an overview of seizure history, notes and videos.

Wherever you are and on the go, epihunter Companion app gives you the overview to stay on top! Available for Android and iOS. More details on our epihunter Companion app page.




Handy smartphone stand

Simple, easy-to-use smartphone stand for use at school, home or work. Place the smartphone in landscape for charging during use.

The smartphone stand is included in the subscription as a loan for use and shipped in the welcome pack.


NEW - Automated video functionality

NEW - Automated video functionality

This new feature is part of the epihunter Core app. Our algorithm will completely automatically start a video-recording when a seizure occurs.

A few minutes later the video becomes available in the epihunter Companion app. Also the video will contain at least 30 seconds prior to the onset of the seizure, as well as up to 30 seconds after the seizure.



Free shipping within 5 days in Europe

Free shipping within 5 days in Europe

Free unlimited support via live chat, email and phone

Free unlimited support via live chat, email and phone

Initial payment refunded when cancelled in first month.

Initial payment refunded when cancelled in first month.

2 year EU warranty on headset

2 year EU warranty on headset

Epihunter is a CE Class I medical device

*Epihunter signals, video-records and logs absence seizures and focal onset impaired awareness seizures. Our research shows that on average epihunter detects 90% of seizures. Note that these numbers can vary from person to person and depend on exact syndrome or type of epilepsy. Please consult with your doctor and always follow their advice.