Financing from Hans Bracquené and Simon Mignolet for epihunter's innovative expansion plans

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 - Hasselt, Belgium  

Simon MignoletEpihunter, a pioneer in digital healthcare for neurological disorders, announces a successful funding round of €300,000 led by Hans Bracquené and top footballer Simon Mignolet. Hans Bracquené, an expert in intellectual property within innovative industries, and Simon Mignolet, a leading advocate for greater attention to brain disorders in sports, have joined forces to support epihunter's ambitious expansion plans.

Hans BracquenéFollowing the success of their first product, aimed at absence epilepsy, and its international launch in Europe and Australia, epihunter is now entering a new phase. This phase includes the introduction of their first product in clinical practice in Belgian hospitals and their expansion into other brain disorders, with the company continuously working on collaborations throughout the entire ecosystem.

In addition to its application for epilepsy, the epihunter platform is already being used in an innovative study on Parkinson's disease. This study underscores the versatility and potential of the epihunter platform within the broader spectrum of neurological disorders.

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This capital injection and expansion of the platform demonstrate epihunter's contribution to improving the quality of life for people with neurological disorders. With the support of Hans Bracquené and Simon Mignolet and with a strong foundation in innovation and collaboration, epihunter is on the cusp of a new era in digital healthcare.

About epihunter
Epihunter was founded with the goal of providing groundbreaking digital solutions for the challenges associated with neurological disorders. The company's mission is to enable people with brain disorders to participate more fully in society. It is committed to developing technologies that improve detection and daily life with such disorders while contributing to research and treatment. Their digital products innovatively combine wearable brain sensors with real-time artificial intelligence for real-time digital interventions. This increases the quality of life for the person with the disorder, but also generates data for faster diagnosis, optimized treatment, and insights for new digital and pharmaceutical treatments.

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Contact information
For more information about epihunter, the recent funding round, or for an interview with Simon Mignolet or Hans Bracquené, please contact Tim Buckinx, CEO of epihunter, at or +32 473 489 889.

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